United Way Heart Club


Generous supporters of the 2020 campaign allowed Greater Mankato Area United Way to fund 55 programs within 36 partner agencies. At the heart of this campaign were the 800+ individuals who gave at the leadership level and whose combined giving totaled over $870,000. This booklet recognizes those who contributed to Greater Mankato Area United Way at the following Heart Club levels.

Heart Club Giving Levels

At the heart of our campaign are the individuals who give so generously at the leadership level.

  • $500–$749 Golden Heart
  • $750–$999 Grand Heart
  • $1,000–$1,499 Giving Heart
  • $1,500–$1,999 Heart of a Leader
  • $2,000–$3,499 Red Jacket Circle
  • $3,500–$4,999 Minneopa Circle
  • $5,000–$7,499 Sakatah Circle
  • $7,500–$9,999 River Valley Circle
  • $10,000+ Tocqueville Society

Heart Club Recognition

Any individual or couple who gives at the Rising Heart level or above will receive a Heart Club booklet with their name listed and the option to receive a wooden plaque as a thank you.

Gifts from Both Spouses

Couples may combine their gifts for the Heart Club. One plaque is given per $500 gift. (If a couple’s combined gift is $500, they may receive one plaque together. If a couple’s combined gift is $1,000 or more, they may each receive a plaque.) Couples are listed under their employers in the Heart Club booklet.  

2020 Heart Club Book

Click here to view 2020 Heart Club Book