Greater Mankato Grateful Giving

What are you grateful for?

Greater Mankato Grateful Giving kicks off November 1 as a way for community members to be mindful of what they have and give back to local organizations working to prevent hunger and homelessness.


Click for 2022 Grateful Giving Calendar

2022 Calendar


Many people in our region do not have the proper food or housing to live a healthy life. The Grateful Giving calendar is meant to bring awareness to basic things we sometimes take for granted.

Participate by following these easy steps:

  1. CONNECT with family, friends or co-workers to complete this activity together. This is a great opportunity to have fun learning together while connecting more deeply with our community.

  2. CREATE your “bank” at home (a jar, can, bag, basket or envelope). Follow the instructions on the calendar. Talk about your deposits together. What other things are you grateful for? What would it be like without some of these things? How can YOU help people in need?

  3. DONATE the amount you’ve deposited to the organization of your choice at the end of the month.