Greater Mankato Area United Way Partners with Mankato Independent Originals for New Giving Option

Patrons at four locally owned restaurants now have a new way to give back to the community.
Greater Mankato Area United Way is partnering with Mankato Independent Originals (Dino’s Pizzeria, Neighbors Italian Bistro, Number 4 American Bar & Kitchen and Tav on the Ave) for its new United Way RoundUp program.
Customers can round up their bill to the nearest dollar, with proceeds going to Greater Mankato Area United Way, which supports 51 programs in 32 agencies throughout the region.
Small gifts add up to big change, according to United Way president Barb Kaus. “Gifts of all sizes can truly make a tremendous difference,” Kaus said. 
By partnering with locally owned establishments, Greater Mankato Area United Way hopes to encourage support for regional business, Kaus said. “We’re thankful Mankato Independent Originals has embraced this idea to help improve lives in our region.”
Chris Person, owner of Mankato Independent Originals, looks forward to having the RoundUp option in the restaurants. “We support United Way’s programs, and this gives people the opportunity to give to a great organization,” Person said. 
Person added that RoundUp has the potential to connect Greater Mankato Area United Way to a variety of new and out-of-town givers while offering individuals a simple way to give. 
Greater Mankato Area United Way’s 2016 campaign goal is $1.95 million.
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July 27, 2015