Agencies - Week of Action

We want to connect you with volunteers during the week of June 20 - 24, 2016!

United Way will match corporate volunteers to your needs through our Get Connected site's Week of Action page. Last year, we had more than 130 volunteers participate. Please register your project by May 18. Direct all questions to Laura at or 507-345-4551.

To register your project, go to the Advanced Events tab of your agency profile page on Get Connected. Read on for more details. 

Anything goes! Our corporate volunteers are often looking for group activities that will take them anywhere from 1-4 hours to complete. Groups are generally 4-15 people. If you have a long project, think about creating shifts that are a couple hours long. Request as many volunteers as needed, and multiple companies may combine to help on one project. Past projects have included: painting, spring cleaning, yard work/landscaping, moving, office admin tasks, mailing prep, meal serving, and more. You ARE allowed to register more than one project.

Getting the Word Out
United Way will be promoting this week of service, but feel free to share your own project link on social media to publicize your needs. Direct volunteers to the Week of Action volunteer sign-up page at this link:

More Detailed How-Tos:

  • You will register your project on the Get Connected site. Volunteers will then sign up directly through Get Connected.

  • You will need to be a manager of your agency's Get Connected Agency profile in order to register a project. Please check with Laura if you are unsure about this, and I can confirm your profile or get you set up!

  • You will NOT create a new agency page if one already exists.

  • To register a project, go to the Advanced Events tab of your agency profile on Get Connected. You should see this tab when you are signed in to your agency page. ("Advanced Events" is listed after "Time Tracking" and "Stats"). If you do not see the Advanced Events link, contact Laura. (To find your agency page, sign in to Get Connected and click "My Agency" from the top toolbar.)

    • Click the blue “Add New Need”

    • Fill in as much detail as possible.

    • If you are flexible on the date/time of your project, please make note of that in the description.

    • Click the blue "Create Need"

    • ****Important**** Select “Yes” to “Allow Team Registration"

  • You will get an email when your event is approved and when a team signs up. It will be your responsibility to connect with your volunteers if you would like to confirm or make changes before your project date. You can return to Advanced Events to create another "Need" (project).

  • This Advanced Events tab allows you to track your sign-ups and edit your project(s).

Your Volunteers

  • Volunteers receive a free "Live United" t-shirt, sponsored by SCHEELS, that they will wear that day

  • Volunteers electronically sign a United Way liability waiver and media release on Get Connected

  • United Way staff will come by your site to check in and take photos

One Other Item
New this year, United Way will update a real-time Google sheet for the benefit of companies to see what projects are available. This is also helpful for companies to see if your project has a flexible time slot so that they can connect with you on times that may work. View the project spreadsheet here.